NEW FLOWER MAGIC IS ON THE WAY! The Tall Blue Starry website is currently under construction: we have new collections and new ways to play with dried flowers coming in 2024. In the meantime, you can visit or email to talk about your wedding flowers!

About Us

Tall Blue Starry is about falling in love.

With people. 

With flowers.

With the never-ending poetry of the seasons.

With the magical process of making things by hand. 

Being a florist means adding beauty to the most wonderful and the most ordinary days of people's lives. 

I'll never get over the wonder of that. 

And that's where our name comes from. 

In the words of the poet Franz Wright, we want to celebrate and share

"the tall blue starry strangeness

of being here at all."


Flowers bring us back to that feeling.

Some seeds, some dirt, some water, some time, and there they are, dazzling us and reminding us that to be alive is a magical, almost incredible thing. 

And to be alive and to fall in love is magic on an exponential scale. 

So it makes sense to me that when it's time for weddings, parties, hellos and goodbyes, we turn to flowers. 

They understand.

About Amanda

I grew up in the wilderness of Canada, where there seemed to be a new flower around every corner. In my early 20s I moved to New York City and found the flowers there, shadowing and working with some incredible floral mentors on events at epic scales. 

Later on, I moved to Ireland, and the flowers were waiting for me here, too. But after more than a decade of working in busy flower shops, I decided to branch out and founded Laud and Lore, my boutique brand storytelling business.

I loved (and still love!) helping other creatives tell their stories, but the flowers were calling, and I couldn't resist. 

Tall Blue Starry was born. 

Now, I only take on a handful of storytelling clients a year, and the rest of the time, I get to spend my days up to my ears in flowers, with bits of leaf in my hair. 

Tall Blue Starry runs out of my small studio in our little home on the Tipperary/Waterford border, where I live with my new husband Rodger and our big silly rescue German Shepherd, Hobo.

About our flowers

Tall Blue Starry now sends ethereal dried wedding flowers and gifts around the world. I source all my materials from ethical, sustainable suppliers. I look for flowers as close to home as I can, growing and drying a handful of blooms myself and foraging from hedgerows for interesting twigs and textures. Then, I turn to nearby growers, expanding out to Europe for larger quantities and availability all year round. Some of the rarest flowers I use come all the way from Japan: precious preserved blossoms that bring an extra wisp of whimsy to the work.